Metal / Comedy / / Sweden
Selfmadegod Records proudly releases the debut LP from Swedish death metal horde USURPRESS this week! Following their In Permanent Twilight MCD released via Selfmadegod this Spring -- in addition to recently released split EPs with Pyramido (Plague Island) and Bombs of Hades (Doomentia) -- the first full-length from USURPRESS is ready for disbursement, available from Selfmadegod this week! Entitled Trenches Of The Netherworld, the album contains eleven soul-reaping circle-pit anthems utilizing the band's seemingly patented blend of death metal and d-beat/crust punk influences. The album's cover art was crafted by by Rafal Kruszyk (Interment, Hooded Menace, Deceased, Paganizer, etc.). See more AT THIS LOCATION. Uppsala-based USURPRESS features the steamrolling flair of four members of the Swedish punk/metal underworld including vocalist Stefan "Steffe" Pettersson (Diskonto, Uncurbed), bassist Daniel Ekeroth (ex-Tyrant, ex-Dellamorte, author of Swedish Death Metal book), drummer Calle Andersson and guitarist P†hl (ex-Blotseraph, ex-Shuriken). Interviews with USURPRESS are available to North American journalists NOW via Earsplit PR.